Typography in Pop Culture: Calvin Klein New Logo

Typography in Pop Culture | Entry 7:

calvin klein new logo

Calvin Klein New Logo

Calvin Klein’s text-based logo has become iconic in recent pop culture. Despite being a successful brand for decades, Calvin Klein is sexier than ever. The branded elastic trims of CK’s garments have transformed underwear into a fashion statement. The brand has gone beyond Victoria Secret by making underwear a facet of an outfit worth considering.

Calvin Klein logo has evolved over the years but with Calvin Klein being more successful than ever, it seems odd the company would want to rebrand. Perhaps it’s a reaction to the brands recent success or because of the shift in the creative team (Raf Simons being the new creative director). Early this year, however, Calvin Klein changed their classic simplistic wordmark to an all capital version that seems a little edgier than before. The new logo comes from graphic designer Peter Saville and features more slashes and points and less negative space compared to the very rounded lower case letters and perky dotted I’s of the original logo. Perhaps this marks a transition from selling a modest and discrete product to a flashy and fashionable accessory.

Calvin Kleins original wordmark and monogram seemed to be in a modified Futura typeface. The new design in also a modified Futura. In the Calvin Klein new logo you can see the stray from Futura in the “C” and “K” mainly. The new logo is also kerned very tightly, making the words appear more as blockish shapes. This could specifically done with consideration of the iconic branded waistbands of CK garments.

Many fashion fans were not in favor of the alteration. Saville, however, is no stranger to the fashion industry and his decisions can be trusted. He has worked with prestigious fashion icons and musicians through out his career. Click here to learn more about Peter Saville.