Typography in Pop Culture: Deplorable Typography

presidential campaign typography, trump, clinton

Typography in Pop Culture | Entry 2:

Presidential Campaign Typography

Although politics are arguable, good design is not.

Presidential campaigns are just great big advertising campaigns. They consist of all the same components: Client, media planning, account management, PR, and creative. With one billion dollars spent on the 2016 presidential race you’d assume that everything was meticulously designed, right? However, by analyzing the work of Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s design teams, the faultiness becomes clear.

Hilary Clinton used a humanist san serif typeface named Unity. The font is a modification of Sharp Sans and was designed specifically for her campaign. Perhaps the golden rule of branding is consistency. By using Unity in nearly every visual element of her campaign, Clinton was able to allow her graphic work to be a regulated extension of herself and what she stands for. Words written in blue Unity are clearly identifiable as Clinton’s and therefore the communication is more effective. Clinton’s team also used a complimentary font for quotes, called Fournier. If Unity is the visual voice of the Clinton campaign, Fournier is the visual voice of Clinton herself. Using this font exclusively for quotes is just like Clinton’s Twitter signature “-H.” This attention to design was unprecedented before the Obama’s presidential campaign typography.

On the other hand, there is Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump’s design team did not use a distinguished typeface. In fact, Trump used some of the country’s most commonly used typefaces such as Times New Roman and the infamously ridiculed Comic Sans. This proves how little effort was put into the campaign’s design which just adds to the incompetence of the Trump administration. Below is a picture from Trump’s official online store. If you look at the two G’s, you’ll notice the first one has no spur and the second one does…

presidential campaign typography, trump,

total disaster.

Presidential campaign typography may not seem as important as who’s about to have the codes to our country’s nuclear weapons, but to me, design matters…

presidential campaign typography, trump,

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